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Networks Heaven is the training provider for world's highest paying & most respected IT certifications around the globe. We are currently providing technical trainings of courses from world renowned vendors like CISCO, HUAWEI, JUNIPER, F5, MICROSOFT, RED HAT (Linux) etc...

We have a team of expert and certified trainers who are committed to provide state of the art equipment, training, and end-to-end networking experience required by the industry to ensure student's success in their career. Our highly experienced and technology experts help students in their studies to the best of their capabilities. For training purposes, we use updated and relevant course contents to teach students and professionals to ensure the complete satisfaction of each of our students.

Our mission is to educate and nurture students. We believe in personal growth through quality education and we are committed to excellence and diversity in our students. We aim to deliver the world's highest paying & most vouched and valued IT certifications through out the world.

We provide trainings of various IT courses through all means. Mainly we provide

1) Regular Class Online Training. 2) Special One-to-One Online Training 3) On-Site Training - Trainings are conducted at customer premises. 4) Corporate Training.

The benefits of Online Training / E-Learning / Distance Learning. "Learn at home, Save your time, Save your money".

Learn at Home - Students only need a computer and Internet access to take online classes. Sit back and relax at home or at your desk. Save your Time - No traveling or waiting around for an event to start. Timings are flexible and you can finish your course within specified time. Save your Money - No more expensive textbooks/material, travelling expenses and all the cost associated with live events.

Other benefits may include Ease of accessibility of Material, Online Communication, Schedule Flexibility, Time to absorb material, and Cost effective Solution.

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