Cisco Vs Huawei CLI 1-2 (Basic Commands 2)

In this second part of the post, we will learn the basic commands in Cisco (IOS) and their Alternatives in Huawei (VRP OS). It would become easy for you if you have studied CCNA or HCNA course before.
Hostname Sysname
Traceroute Tracert
Ping Ping
Encapsulation Link-protocol
Clock Rate Baudrate
NetworksHeaven# copy running-config startup-config OR   write memory <NetworksHeaven> save
NetworksHeaven# write erase <NetworksHeaven> reset saved-configuration
NetworksHeaven# reload <NetworksHeaven> reboot
NetworksHeaven# clock set 10:15:20 01 Oct 2014 <NetworksHeaven> clock datetime 10:15:20 2014-10-01
NetworksHeaven# configure terminal NetworksHeaven(config)# <NetworksHeaven>  system-view [NetworksHeaven]
NetworksHeaven(config)# banner motd $THIS IS BANNER$ [NetworksHeaven] header  shell  information $THIS IS BANNER$

Cisco Vs Huawei CLI Commands in Slides