LAB 2-4 Configuring Date & Time and History

1) Configuring Date & Time

 The system clock can be set from the number of sources, and in turn can be used to distribute the current time through carious mechanism to other systems. To manually set the system clock, use one of the formats of the clock EXEC command.

Router# clock ?

read-calendar           Read the hardware calendar into the clock

set                                  Set the time and date

update-calendar      Update the hardware calendar from the clock

Router# clock set ?

hh:mm:ss Current Time

Router# clock set 10:10:20 ?

<1-31> Day of the month

MONTH Month of the year

Router# clock set 10:10:20 08 June ?

<1993-2035> Year

Router# clock set 10:10:20 08 June 2012


Router# clock set 10:10:20 08 June 2012

*Jun  8 10:10:20.000: %SYS-6-CLOCKUPDATE: System clock has been updated from 00:05:24 UTC Fri Mar 1 2002 to 10:10:20 UTC Fri Jun 8 2012, configured from console by console.


Router# show clock

10:12:21.635 UTC Fri Jun 8 2012

2) Configuring History on Cisco Router

Cisco IOS stores all the commands that you type in a history buffer. BY default, it stores 20 previously used commands so that you can reuse them by using Up-arrow key and you don’t have to retype them.

Displaying History Buffer

Checking History Buffer Size

NWHEAVEN# show history   show historyenableconf tshow running-configshow clockconf tshow historyshow startup-config show flash: show history   NWHEAVEN# show terminal<---OUTPUT OMITTED--->Time since activation: 00:02:58Editing is enabled.History is enabled, history size is 20.DNS resolution in show commands is enabledFull user help is disabledAllowed input transports are none. <---OUTPUT OMITTED--->  
Changing History Buffer Size NWHEAVEN# terminal history size 50

NOTE: After configuring this command, the device now can store up to 50 commands which can be used by using Up-Arrow key. Remember, if you type EXIT or LOGOUT command in user exec mode, all the commands in the history buffer will be erased and you will not be able to use them.

VERIFICATION NWHEAVEN# show terminal <---OUTPUT OMITTED---> Time since activation: 00:02:58 Editing is enabled. History is enabled, history size is 50. DNS resolution in show commands is enabled Full user help is disabled Allowed input transports are none. <---OUTPUT OMITTED--->