LAB 2-6 Copying Running-Config into Startup-Config

One should save the Running configuration (RAM) into Startup Configuration (NVRAM) so that the Startup-config is copied to Running-config when the Router gets reloaded.

 CORVIT-R1# copy running-config startup-config

Destination filename [startup-config]? Building configuration...

 You could also use the following: CORVIT# copy  run   start OR CORVIT# write memory  OR CORVIT# wr

VERIFICATION CORVIT-R1# show startup-config Using 647 out of 129016 bytes ! version 12.3 service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec no service password-encryption ! hostname CORVIT-R1 ! <---OUTPUT OMITTED---> ! ! ! ! ! no ip http server no ip http secure-server ip classless ! ! control-plane ! banner motd ^CWelcome to CORVIT^C ! line con 0 exec-timeout 0 0 logging synchronous line aux 0 line vty 0 4 ! ! end NOTE: One can realize from the results that startup-config is the replica of running-config. The contents of startup-config file do not get erased when Router is reloaded. However, we can manually erase startup-config file.