LAB 2-5 Displaying Running and Startup Configuration

Once the IOS is loaded and up and running, a pre-configuration (called startup-config) will be copied from NVRAM into RAM. The copy of this file will be placed in RAM and called running-configuration.

1) Displaying Running-Config
NWHEAVEN> enable NWHEAVEN# show running-config Building configuration... Current configuration : 647 bytes ! version 12.3 service timestamps debug datetime msec service timestamps log datetime msec no service password-encryption ! hostname NWHEAVEN ! <---OUTPUT OMITTED---> ! ! no ip http server no ip http secure-server ip classless ! ! control-plane ! banner motd ^CWelcome to NetworksHeaven^C ! line con 0 exec-timeout 0 0 logging synchronous line aux 0 line vty 0 4 ! ! end

TIP: You could also use the following:

CORVIT# Show run OR CORVIT# write terminal
2) Displaying Startup-Config
NWHEAVEN# show startup-config startup-config is not present

The startup-config file is empty. This is why it is showing aforementioned message. We have to first copy the Running-Config into Startup-Config in order to see the Startup-config (NVRAM).