How to install Cisco Security Device Manager on a Cisco Router

CIsco has developed an outstanding software named as Security Device Manager (SDM) to configure its devices using web-based interface. It helps less experienced users and administrators to work and configure Cisco devices.

There are two different editions of SDM, the full SDM package and the SDM Express package.

  • The full SDM package contains a number of modules and options for your router's configuration
  • The Express package is essentially a cut-down version containing the core modules.

NOTE: Before installing SDM on Router, you should note that you'll need Java Runtime installed on your workstation in order for SDM to function.

Installation of SDM on a Cisco Router

Click Next

Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement" and the press Next

Select "Cisco Router"

After selecting the installation location as Router you’ll then be prompted for the Router authentication information which includes the IP address of the router as well as a username and password with level 15 privileges. Fill in these requirements and continue.