Question of the Week 4

Question: For which type of connection should a straight-through cable be used? A. Hub to Hub B. Router to PC C. Switch to Router D. Switch to Switch E. Switch to Hub  

Answer to the Question

C. Switch to Router

Connecting devies in a LAN is usually done with unshielded twiste-pair (UTP) cabling To remember where do we use Crossover or Straight-through cable, divide the devices in two categories.

Category 1: Router, Host, Server/PC. Category 2: Hub, Switch We should use Crossover cable for the connectivity of the devices in the same category. Similarly, we shall use Straigh-through cable for the connectivity of the devices from different category. In the aforementioned question, the cable used between Switch and Router would be Straight-through cable. So the answer is C.


 Although many newer devices have an automatic crossover featuer that allows you to connect either a straight-through or crossover cable, most devices currently require you to use one or the other. Use straigh-through cables for the following connections:
  • Switch to router Ethernet Port
  • Computer to Switch
  • Computer to Hub
Use crossover cable for the following connections:
  • Switch to Switch
  • Switch to Hub
  • Hub to Hub
  • Router to Router (Ethernet Ports)
  • Computer to Computer
  • Computer to Router Ethernet Port.