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Raees is one of the best network engineers I have ever worked with, his deep understanding about Cisco technologies, his problem solving techniques, intense experience and systematic approach make him an outstanding Engineer. While working with him I discovered that training is in his blood and he has got all GOD gifted skills to be a wonderful teacher. His Cisco & Huawei LAB manuals and notes really helped me prepare for Cisco exams. I wish him all the best and recommend him for any corporate training or Network deployment.
Bilal Ahmad, Senior Systems and Network Engineer at Department of Justice, Victoria, Australia.

My experience and knowledge, gained from Raees Khan is beyond compared to any training and education I have obtained. I would really like to thank him for his everlasting inspiration, admiration, and passion for embracing me with superb Cisco knowledge, skills, and comfort.

Raees Khan made sure to get me familiar with Cisco within days and made my CCIE preparation within set number of days. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to Raees Khan for his efforts to transfer CCIE knowledge and would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to get on Cisco ladder.

Abbas Ali, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant at Axial Systems, London, United Kingdom.
Raees Khan is a very Professional Instructor who trained and helped me in my CCNP Routing and Switching studies. He has very clear concepts about topics and great methodologies of teaching. Now I am looking forward to be trained on MPLS and Security topics and some hands on experience on Juniper.
Iyaz Khan, Cisco Field Engineer at NSC Global, London, United Kingdom.

Sir Raees Khan is having an outstanding knowledge in the field of computer networks. He was my teacher for the subject of CCNP ROUTE. He is well aware of teaching skills and teaches students from basic level to an advanced level. I am proud to be his student.
Shahbaz Aftab, Technical Team Lead at Wateen Telecom, Lahore, Pakistan.

I would like to say a big "thank you" to Sir Raees. What a great teacher. He has been a great teacher in my CCNA and CCNP courses. I would recommend him because he always puts effort for his students and always helps them in their studies. May Allah Bless You. Amen.
Faizan Jehangir, CCNA Deployment Engineer at Unilever UK Limited, United Kingdom.
Raees was a thorough diligent and one of the best students of our batch. Teachers admired him by assigning him T.A ships. He had been nominated for scholarships for number of times during his studies in Punjab Univeristy. I would ike to describe him both intelligent and hard working.
Muhammad Shumail Qureshi, Principal SQA Engineer at NorthBay Solutions, Lahore, Paksitan.

I have been teaching at Punjab University College of Information Technology for several years. I have known "Raees Khan" in the capacity of my student in Data Structures and Algorithm course. During his studies, I found him to be a highly motivated individual. I am confident that his outstanding skills will help him in his future endeavors.
Fareed-ul-Hassan Baig, Assistant Professor, PUCIT, University of the Punjab, Lahore - Pakistan.
Raees Khan was under my tutelage for a year for two subjects which were part of his curriculum (Theory of Automata and Compiler Construction). He is an intelligent, hardworking as well as a perceptive young man. He has this energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that seems to emanate in every activity he gets his mind to work on. I wish him success in his future endeavors.
Imran Javed, Assistant Professor, PUCIT, University of the Punjab, Lahore - Pakistan.
I have known Mr. Raees Khan as a teacher of Artificial Intelligence at Punjab Univeristy College of Information Technology. As a student, he is an honest and industrious person. He distinguished himself from others in the class by his strong analytic skills combined with good time management and ability to multitask. I wish him a very bright future.
Syed Muhammad Ali, Assistant Professor, PUCIT, University of the Punjab, Lahore - Pakistan.
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